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Non-linear calculations (implicit)

Nonlinear Contact Analysis


Contacts in a system often defined when that may change during exercise by touching of bodies of the load path. An example is found in the compression of a multicellular seal profile in which ascends through the internal block formation of a cell, the progressivity of the force-ID.


Another typical application example illustrates the calculation of a flange in which a statement is to be made over the sealing function. Contact is always necessary in a situation where only compressive forces can be transmitted.


A special case of contact, the "Tied-contact", it allows to connect different networks together. In certain cases this can be time for networking will be saved.


For such tasks are used in our house the programs ABAQUS, ANSYS and MSC / Marc.


Examples are:

-Contact with centrifugal force calculation, steam pressure and temperature stress
-Contact with self-sealing deformation
-Calculation of a strut tower support bearing with bolt preload




Nonlinear analysis of large deformations, large geometric deformations


Geometric nonlinearity must be considered when changes due to deformation of the components of the system stiffness. In nearly all non-linear calculations, this option is selected.



Nonlinear analysis of large strain


Dynamic transient behavior:

An implicit dynamic analysis is a static preferable whenever inertial effects or vibrations can affect the overall result and there are non-negligible nonlinearities.

In our house almost all kinematic calculations, such as linkage of soft or hard tops and Heckklappenanlenkungen be calculated using this method. The advantages over a conventional rigid body kinematics lie in the fact that we use this method to simulate reality, almost without restrictions. We are able to open a performance-driven hydraulic system components and the kinematics of all attacks in real time and to close. In addition to the force required and the joint forces of the elastic analysis also includes statements on the uniformity of movement and provides the voltages of each component of the motion. Contact and nonlinear material properties of any kind may be considered.


After several years of numerical optimization and application of this process we have been able to make the process for a wide range of tasks inexpensively available.

For such calculations in the first place, the program ABAQUS is used.


Examples are:

-Opening and closing a hard-shell roof system
-Opening and closing a tailgate system
-One-sided stall load of a hard-shell roof system



Non-linear material behavior:

If the load in one component is so high that the lower yield strength of a material is exceeded, a nonlinear material model used. Most trials originated from material plastic strain curve describes the strain behavior up to the allowable upper limit yield.


Another nonlinear material behavior, the group of elastomers dar. The parameters for the coefficients of material models, we determine, according to the "Shore Hardness" or go to your curves try a "curve fitting" by.


Are no material values ​​present in our own database, or you, we'll take care of the determination of the appropriate material parameters. In addition to clearly defined DIN-tests for metallic materials, we also set completely new, problem-oriented test scenarios of alternative composites. We work primarily with institutions of various universities.


For such tasks are used in our house the programs ABAQUS, ANSYS and MSC / Marc.


Examples are:

-Plastically deformed hook closure
-After crossing a threshold bent spring strut
-Test setup of a fiber composite material
-Derived analytical model of a fiber composite material
-Self-development calculation model for folding fabric

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