Simulation und Versuch
Simulation und Versuch

Non-linear calculations (explicit)



In the field of vehicle safety, it is possible to cover us all, with the FE method is usually to calculate areas.

These are all for one high-speed load cases for the front, side and rear crashes. Many development projects together with our customers have led to a great experience potential. In the low-speed load cases we often failed the available space for the implementation of new energy concepts deformation optimally exploit.

In importance in recent years has also won the pedestrian protection. Here we have developed under different projects concepts for bumpers and front flap systems.

The three programs calculate PAM-CRASH, LS-DYNA and ABAQUS / explicit are used in our simulation for the different crash scenarios. The choice of program to be used depends on the wishes of our customers.


Example 1: Head Impact

makross models for grills and control units provides an excellent correlation to test results in loadcases FMVSS 201 and ECE R21


Example 2: head-on crash

Other examples are:

side crash
rear-end crash
pedestrian Safety


Using detailed models, we calculate abuse load cases.


Examples : Glove compartment lock & Info Display

Dynamic transient calculations of armrests and consoles:

Front-and rearcrash analysis, ECE-R17, intrinsically frequency / shaker / noise analysis (explicit and implicit)



D4/T99 Audi, BMW 7-Series (F01), Rolls Royce (RR4), VW Golf / Passat / Skoda

Examples: Armrest & Center Console

Dynamic transient calculations for Doors and hatches:


As part of theses and Vorentwicklungsthemen we have developed for our customers, a calculation method, whereby the entire contract process, including a door or door lock and seal mechanism can be simulated. With the results of the calculation, most questions are answered.


Firstly, collisions with other body parts and the Spaltmaßsituationen be discussed. On the other hand, the dynamic decay and the shape of the force-time curve of the hook lock power allow conclusions about the expected closing sound. The transient force profiles can serve the design of locks, hinges and bump stops.


Another purpose of this calculation method was to make statements about the structural strength of the supporting structure and the connected components. For this we have joined with the company LMS developed a way to process the transient element stresses in the life FALANCS LMS program continues. Can be vorrausgesagt until the beginning of a failure with this process, the number of supplements for a particular closing speed. Enables the integration of nonlinear material behavior with strain rate it to simulate abuse load cases.


For the simulation of a door or flap supplement is why the three programs PAM-CRASH, LS-DYNA and ABAQUS / explicit

Quasistatic calculations with large non-linearities:


Static load cases with very large nonlinearities can often be calculated implicitly requires strong simplifications. In certain cases it is therefore advisable to calculate the page type to give up accuracy and realism for the constraints mapping. As examples, a quasi-static roof blister test or ECE R14 Body belts and blocks are used. For all calculations, the calculation time is shortened as far as that there are no effects due to inertia loads are detectable.





Join a kinematic analysis of nonlinearities which are not implicitly dynamically konvergierbar, can be found with an explicit rigid body simulation of a solution. This occurs especially when parts of the kinematics are defined by slotted guides with distinct regions of contact, or a cloth simulation for a soft-top is to be integrated.

Explosive effect on vehicle structures



Cloth simulation:


Due to long development work we have been able to establish a calculation method that reflects the material behavior during the opening and closing of a roof system. So it is possible to predict accurately and fabric folds over-stretching to make them visible. possible chafing and are located in the tray jammed material areas.

Already exist before the first prototypes, it is possible to optimize the storage material by selective folding design.

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