Simulation und Versuch
Simulation und Versuch


The company was founded in 1999 by the makross three directors Gregor Mawick, Thomas Krumrein and Ulrich Gross.

As an engineering company, we are mainly in the area of vehicle development. Our focus lies in the simulation of anydemands on the vehicle body and its components. Our strong development joy and creativity leads to ever new andefficient solutions. The results of our work often go far beyond the expected level. In addition we perform the experimentalmodal analysis and vibration testing of components and the overall vehicle. Our many years of development experiencehelps us to provide you both calculation and testing. 

With our 25 highly motivated and highly trained engineers, we are lean enough to be able to effectively and inexpensivelyrespond to your questions. Nevertheless, it allows our capacity to achieve even greater development challenges and beflexibly to your appointment ideas.

Our long experience in the development environment of cars, we like to offer in the form of advice. In addition to the computational support throughout your product development, we also help you in your environment CAE Syteme selectappropriate and use the right methods of calculation at the right time.

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